Angelica Ong

b. 2000, Singapore
Curatorial Assistant at the Singapore Art Museum


2023 BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL

Solo Exhibition

2023 on things fugitive «ces plages de l'inconnu et du frisson»「日食に月食、太陽に残月」, SAIC SITE Sharp Gallery, Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions

2024 Undescribed #9, DECK Photography Art Centre @ GR.iD Mall, Singapore
2023 destination., W. Gallery, Chicago, IL
2023 Ghastly Elegance, Probe Chicago, Chicago, IL
2022 Unmoored, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL
2022 a body, a book, abode, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL
2022 Thresholds of Being, starch, Singapore
2021 a residue you find on your fingertip, SAIC SITE Galleries, Chicago, IL
2020 ArtBash, SAIC, online exhibition at
2020 Incubator, SAIC Maclean Building, Chicago, IL
2019 Chicago Art Book Fair, 2019, Chicago Athletic Association, Chicago, IL
2019 The Natural World, SAIC RHE Siragusa Gallery, Chicago, IL

Artist Residency

2024 ARCUS Research, ARCUS Studio, Ibaraki, Japan (upcoming)

Permanent Collections

2024 《天体》heavenly bodies「霜の声」«l'équinoxe», Virginia Commonwealth University, James Branch Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives, Richmond, VA
2023 「俳句の箱庭」 (Garden of Haikus), Ohio State University Libraries, Columbus, OH
2023 《天体》heavenly bodies「霜の声」«l'équinoxe», Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Chicago, IL
2022 「露ひとつぶや」 mass (in A Box of Wonders and Delights), Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Chicago, IL
2022 on things fugitive《如朝露暮霭》「果敢無い物事」 sur les choses fugitives (#17 of 30), Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Chicago, IL


2023 SAIC Photo Department Catalogue
2021 SAIC Photo Department Catalogue
2021 Summer of Love: Streaming Watchlist, Fnewsmagazine
2020 Giving From the Ground Up, Fnewsmagazine
2020 Excluded at the Institute, Fnewsmagazine
2020 A One-Way Ticket in the Pandemic, Fnewsmagazine
2020 The Untranslatable, Fnewsmagazine [Read on Webflow] [Read on flipbook, p.24-25]
2020 SAIC Photo Department Catalogue

Fair Booths

2023 Columbus Art Book Fair, Columbus, OH
2023 Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA) at Tropic Bound, Miami, FL
2019 SAIC at the Chicago Art Book Fair, Chicago, IL


2023 Lenscratch Student Prize Top 26 to Watch
2022 Caxton Club Grant (Honourable Mention)
2022 Chicago Makers Internship Fund
2021 Singapore-Industry Scholarship (Singapore Art Museum)
2021 Parents and Family Council Internship Fund
2020 New Outstanding Artist Award
2020 Contemporary Practices Scholarship
2019 SAIC Merit Scholarship (Honours)